13 Year Old Rapper Tiktok Song Lyrics

About the song: 13 Year Old Rapper Tiktok Song Lyrics is written and sung by cl4pers. The title of the song is Want Me.

13 Year Old Rapper Tiktok Song Lyrics

[Intro: cl4pers & XXXTENTACION]
I love you, enjoy
Fah, fah
Fah, fah
Fah, fah
Fah, fah-fah, fah

Hit a ni^^a up, call it 2Pac
She tryna play my song on the boom box
I’m in the back and I’m chillin’ with two thots
Look at that girl like, “Man, that bi^^h too hot”
Shout out to Autumn ’cause I got two Glocks (VDV got it)
Jumped off the porch, now I’m on the rooftop
Ayy, ayy, ayy, ayy
Bad lil’ bi^^h and she givin’ me knowledge
Shawty real fine and she go to college
Might give that girl all the money in my wallet
Me and my ni^^as, you know that we ballin’
I brought a .40 and bro brought the MAC in
Me and my ni^^as, yeah, we never lackin’
.40 gon’ make that boy dance, Michael Jackson
Ni^^as is mad cause the paper I’m stackin’
It’s gettin’ real messy, think I need a napkin
Told that boy Millie K, he gon’ hand me the MAC-10
No, I’m not a Crip, but I get it crackin’
If I see a ho, I’ma blow her back in
Look at your boy, you know that I’m paper chasin’
I’m soundin’ like Dami, no reparations
Me and my bros goin’ on vacation
Like Quavo, I can’t wait to say that we made it
Call me Santana cause I stay on go
I’m sorry, bro, I ain’t tried to steal your flow
I’m 4’2″ in real life, I stand on my money, I’m 5’2″
Yo’ ass been talkin’, can’t wait ’til we find you
I stick to yo’ ho just like she some fine glue
No King Von, but ni^^a, she mine too


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