50 States That Rhyme Lyrics – TikTok Song

About the song: 50 States That Rhyme Lyrics is written and sung by Raggs.

50 States That Rhyme Lyrics

Alabama, and Alaska, Arizona, Arkansas
California, Colorado, Connecticut, and more
Delaware, Florida and Georgia and Hawaii, Idaho
Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, so 35 to go

Kansas, and Kentucky, Louisiana, Maine
Maryland and Massachusetts good old Michigan
Minnesota, Mississippi, Missouri, and Montana
Nebraska’s 27, number 28’s Nevada

Next, New Hampshire and New Jersey, and way down, New Mexico
There’s New York, North Carolina, North Dakota, Ohio
Oklahoma, Oregon and Pennsylvania, now let’s see
Rhode Island, South Carolina, South Dakota, Tennessee

Texas and there’s Utah, Vermont, I’m almost through
Virginia and there’s Washington, and West Virginia, too
Could Wisconsin be the last state, or is it 49?
No, Wyoming is the last state in the 50 states that rhyme!

Tell all your friends that next time
They ought to sing along
If they add another state
We’ll have sing a longer song


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