Abcdefghi Love You Still Lyrics

About the song: Abcdefghi Love You Still Lyrics is written and sung by Tyler Shaw. The title of the song is Love You Still.

Abcdefghi Love You Still Lyrics

I swear I’ll always give my best no pretending
Give you breakfast in bed In the morning
There ain’t no answer to this complex question
I just keep falling for you everyday

Won’t ever take up too much time or attention
Take a second just to make our connection
I would do anything for your affection
Kinda fun tryna go about it all the wrong ways
Im just so into you I wanna let it all out
You’re so perfectly fine
I can talk all day but let me spell it out
A B C D E F G H I love you still
And you know I always will til the end of time
I won’t change my mind
Love you I’ll be there
I will never disappear
Said forever I swear so I’ll be there


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