Amber Heard Johnny Depp Trial Theme Song

About the song: Amber Heard Johnny Depp Trial Theme Song is a new viral song over all social media platforms, specially tiktok. Over 1,000 videos on tiktok has been already created using this audio. The song is written and sung by Gadfly (@thetruegadfly on tiktok) and the title of the song is Objection! Hearsay!

Amber Heard Johnny Depp Trial Theme Song Lyrics

I Used to Be Respected
People Took Me at My Word
Then I Became a Lawyer
Representing Amber Heard

Objcetion! Hearsay!

Oh My God
I Don’t Have a Case
Objcetion! Hearsay!
Now I’m Ashamed to Show My Face

Well I’m a Famous Movie Star
Yeah Life Is Always Fine
I Sit Down at My Penthouse
Drinking Mega Pints of Wine

Objcetion! Hearsay!
I Don’t Know Why We Ever Wed
Objcetion! Hearsay!
Who the Hell Poops in Someone’s Bed

I Object to Everything
I May Have an Infection
Cause I Say I Object
The Judge Says…
That Was Your Own Question

Objcetion! Hearsay!
Court Isn’t Supposed to Be This Hard
Objection Hearsay
How Did I Ever Pass the Bar

Just One Final Question Sir
And This One Has Been Prepped
What Is You Name?
My Name Is Johnny Depp

Objcetion! Hearsay!
How Can You Prove That That’s Your Name
Objcetion! Hearsay!
Looks Like We Win and You Are Lame
Objcetion! Hearsay!
Objcetion! Hearsay!


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