Confidence Is Really Key But You F Ugly Lyrics

About the song: Confidence Is Really Key But You F Ugly Lyrics (tiktok song) is written and sung by ZEDDY WILL. The title of the song is Confidence is Key.

Confidence Is Really Key But You F Ugly Lyrics

I ain’t gonna lie this beat is hard
And I found the beat and I’m about to rap on it you feel me?
I’m not a rapper though
I’m bout’ to spit some shit though
Listen listen watch this

My name is __
Don’t forget the Z’s
Ain’t nothing like no damn rap
But I stack the cheese
You don’t got no money?
Chill you dont gotta scream
Imma hit you nice with the left
But the right is mean
Sneaking all these girls up in my crib
Im like harriet tubman
Why you trying to post me on the gram?
Oh you up to something
I know this sh^t gonna sound weird but her name was cuzzy
Not from alabama so I dont gotta date my cousin

You told me that you was broke
How you lying and sh^t?
You told me that you had no kids
You be lying and shi^t
You told me that you was single
Why you hiding that shi^
Im telling your mom
Now you bout to start crying and sh^t

I just had to sneeze
Everytime my girls get into fights
They just grab the weed
My brother got kicked out the house
He went overseas
He gon be a black boy in japan
Ni%%a Blackanese

Confidence is really key, but you fu%king ugly
I just seen you scratching a^s, so don’t fuc^ing touch me
My cousin really think he crip, so he call me cuzzy
The other one think he blood, he call me buzzy

I always find a way to make a highlight from a lowlight
Sometimes sh^t go left but I can always make it go right
This rappin sh^t is fun n I can do this sh^t just all night
Like curry in his prime I could never have an offnight

Let me tell you a little something about the past me
I had bad drip and my lips was always ashy
I used to act tough so my pants was always saggy
Some call me zeddy But the girls call me daddy

Always late to class i guess that wasn’t classy
Had bad grades so the teacher wouldn’t pass me
Had five girls but the main one was ashley
Her face wasnt there but atleast she had the jaddy

Could have played golf like Tiger Woods but I never learned
I shoulda had Michelle Obama Imma wait my turn
Call me usher writing all this heat Imma let it burn
Friend named Aaron but in balti more they gon call him ern

Shawty made an onlyfans you know Im yo only fan
Shawty quit her job so i guess this is her only plan
You alone sitting in the sun thats a lonely tan
You know Im not coming over there
Cause I dont fu^k with sand

I dont do that sand sh^t
Im a pool person
I’d rather go to the pool
Let me lay down
You know what Im saying?
That sand stuff is not for me


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