God Damn I Hurt My Knuckles | TikTok Song

About the song: God Damn I Hurt My Knuckles lyrics, a new viral TikTok song which is sung by Koto and the title of the song is So Silly.

God Damn I Hurt My Knuckles

Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Yeah
Yeah, Why Am I So?
Yeah, Yeah [okay]
Yeah, Yeah

[verse 1:]
Uh, She in My [?]
She Eat It Up Like Pac-man
Dark Knight, All Black Like I’m Batman [huh, Huh]
You Like Cheese
No Wonder You a Rat Man [huh, Huh]
I’m Droppin’ Bombs
Incase You Ain’t Ride for [?]
I Told That Girl, Why You Acting Silly? [silly?]
I Told F^^k Her [?]
Bouta’ Go and Pop a Wheelie [pop a Wheelie!]
And My Pockets Looking Fat
But My Neck Is Looking Chilly
Bih I’m Starving [oh My God]
But We Ain’t Going to Chili!

[verse 2:]
I Told Her Hold on Change the [?]
I Just [?]
Walk Her Back Like Yes
Told Her It’s Okay [told Her It’s Okay!]
Bad Bih on the Way [bad Bih on the Way!]
I Just Want the Cake [i Just Want the Cakе!]
I Just Want the Fish [i Just Want the Fish!]
5, 6, 7, 8
[who Do We Appreciate?]
Aye, I’m Feeling Good, I’m Feeling Grеat
Take My Time, but You Can Wait

[verse 3:]
Bad Bih Just Like She Knuckles
On My Glock, Just Like I’m Knuckles
Protecting Green Just Like I’m Knuckles
You’re Two-face, They Call You Knuckles
I Power Up, Then You in Trouble
I Put the Game Cube in a Duffle
I Keep on Laughing About Knuckles
On the Bih, Might Turn Ya’ Puzzle
Got Tick Turned Off, Just Like You Russel
Buck 50 Wit’ Some Muscle
Goddamn I Hurt My Knuckles!
Baby, Go to Work
Throw It Back and Then She Twerk It
Off the Chain She Go Berserk
I’m Tryna F^^k Wit’ Her and Her
She Gon Throw a Fit, Stacking Up the Chips
I Just Paid a Fit
Ha, Ha


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