Hey We Got K Rounds Lyrics

About the song: Hey We Got K Rounds Lyrics (viral meme song) is written and sung by TEEFIE. The title of the song is Rob You Maybe.

Hey We Got K Rounds Lyrics

[Verse 1]
One-shot out the clip he fell
Man down, watch out, time to bail
Masked up so cameras can’t tell, (Huh?)
Sir Prenski on my face

I’d trade a cig for a Glock
Don’t want the cooch I want top, (Want top)
Free Tay don’t know why he locked, (He locked)
But he’ll be home any day

[Pre Chorus]
Dead opps we smokin
Opp thots, got em chokin
We all pistol totin
Where the fuck do you think yo ass goin?

Hey we got K rounds
Glocks with 30
Run up on me
Ima do you dirty

Hey we got K rounds
762’s, so you know I gotta beam
So I ain’t gon miss you

Tried to run in the dark
Wouldn’t be smart
Your ass would be grass
Cuz you won’t get far

Hey we got 30’s
And we got FN’s
I can’t love you bi^ch
I want your best friеnd


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