I Stuck My D Into a Blender Lyrics

About the song: Lyrics is written and sung by Yung Spinach. The title of the song is Subway S^^ists.

I Stuck My D Into a Blender Lyrics

I love you so much

I Am a Registered Sex Offender
I Stuck My d^^k Into a Blender
Your Mum Is a Transgender
I Am a Professional Nude Sender
You Know That i Be Dominating
My c^ck & Balls Are Rotating
Ice On My Wrist i Could Go Skating
Between Thick Thighs Im Suffocating

I Have a Huge f^^king c^ck
I’ve nut Inside My Sock
I Walk Around In Crocs
While My d^^k Is Harder Than a Rock
I f^^k b^t^hes In School
Because You Know Im f^^king Cool

I Jump Inside My Pool
I Take a Hit From My Jewel
I Don’t Actually Smoke
But i Make Your b^t^h Choke
Once i Gave Someone a Stroke
My c^ck Is Hard Like Oak
You Know Im Dropping Fire
You Can Sing My Songs In Thе Quoir
They Call Me Quagmire
No Thеy Don’t But At Least It Rhymes


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