I Told Her Do It Put Your Back Into It Lyrics

About the song: I Told Her Do It Put Your Back Into It Lyrics is written and sung by Loui. The title of the song is 41 Bars (Put yo back into it).

I Told Her Do It Put Your Back Into It Lyrics

Flew Out to La You Know I′m Smokin’ Purple Smarties
And I Got a Bad B!tch Who Body Look Like Cardi
And She Wear This Makeup So You Know She Is a Barbie
Keep This Stick All in My Put Back
Have Me Walking Like the Army

Woah, I Got a Pretty Little B!tch
Pop Me a Peark, Now We F^ckin’ N′ Sh!t
Ooh, and I Know You Hit, B That Make You Dance
Lil Mama a Freak, She Got Her Hand All in My Pants
And I Know She Wanna F^ck Me ′cause I’m Gripping on Her Asz

Hittin′ That B!tch From the Back
I Pop Me a Bean Now I’m Pullin′ Her Track
He, N^^^a, Straight From the South
I Came Here for Nothin’ I′m Not Going Back

N^^^as Be Cappin’ Their Dreary
Clouded Diamonds the Really Be Tough
Bad ‘lil B!tch She Be Feenin′
She Like How I Talk, N^^^a, How the F^ck You Rout

Okay, Let′s Do It, Ha
Takin’ Trips to La, Yeah, We Flew It
Smokin′ Purple Smarties in the Loft With My Boy Lovi
Bad B!tches Runnin’ Everywhere With Big Booties
My N^^^a F^ck With Nike

Slid Through Her for the Win
Talk Crazy, Get Him Outta the Sauce
We Know Tony Bad for Fashion
Crazy Man, You Know, Carrying a Glock
He Then Go′ Stop Scream
“f^ck Her” Out for Life, and We Don’t Talk
We Paid You Rent and What You Bought

You Want Some Doobies in My Sock
N^^^a Wants to Smoke, and Then He Get Popped
Y′all N^^^as Then Wanna Fight, Huh
Speak on Again, He Going’ Die
Say Yeah, That’s My Guy

F^ck Is You Sayin′?
We Don′t Do No Plan
Find Out Where He Stayin’
We Gon′ Scrip Him and His Mans

Get on That Beat, and I’ll Pop My Sh!t
Lil Bruh a B!tch
Drawing on Him With My Brother Sleave
2, 2, 3 Hallow Tips We Havin′ Hella Sticks
Better Not Snitch on
Living Life Just Like a B!tch

I Told Her Do It, Uh, Put Your Back Into It, Uh
Look Back When You Do It
I Love the Way You Do It, Uh
Ooo, Yeah, It’s That Move, Uh
Shawty Say I′m Smooth, Uh
If She Drop Me Like a Landon
I’mma Make the News, Uh


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