Just Hit the Button Morty Give Me a Beat – TikTok Song

About the song: Just Hit the Button Morty Give Me a Beat Lyrics is written and sung by Yung Bones. The title of the song is 28 Bones.

Just Hit the Button Morty Give Me a Beat Lyrics

Hit a Button Morty, Give Me a Beat

Oh Man, Ok Alright Uhm

(Yung Bones)
When Yo B!tch She Leavin You, I’m Tryna Put It in a Bag
If She Hit on Me You Know That Imma F^^king Hit It Back
I Been Runnin Up a Check, That’s Why These B!tches Want My Sack
Imma Hit It Once Then Gonna Run So They Dont Get Attached
Call Me B!tch, Call Me Nerd, Call Me Motherf^^kin Maggot
But Most of Them Ain’t Got No Sh!t So Hop Off the Bandwagon
Wanna Shout, Want Me Out, but Won’t Say It With They Mouth
If You Wanna Talk That Sh!t, Be My Guest Come Give Me Clout
I’ve Been Scorin, I’ve Been Soarin
But These B!tches Bring Up Lauren
And I Don’t Give Two F^^ks Bout That B!tch
So You Gonn Catch Me Borin
I’ve Been Gone, but Im Back
All These Hoes Got to Relax
Saying This, Saying That, Finna Put Me on the Map
Say I’m Trash, I Can’t Rap
While They Spittin All This Crap
Imma Keep It Going, Keep It Flowin Till These Pockets Fat
I Ain’t Got the Place, Got the Time, Got the Face, Got the Rhyme
Tell These Old Homies at the B
You Got a D!ck, Now Get Off Mine
Juul Rips Inbetween These Verses. Yeah I Like the Nikki
Motherf^^kers Try to Side on Me
But I Am Way Too Sticky
You Can Try to Catch Me
But I’m Bouncing Up and Down Like Mickey
And They Try to Hop on My Flow
But This Sh!t Is Just Too Tricky


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