Killah 03 Lyrics – Uniq Poet

About the song: Killah 03 Lyrics, a latest nepali rap song written and sung by one of the most celebrated rapper of Nepal Uniq Poet.

Killah 03 Lyrics

know the name its uniq to the poet
i hope yall heard his name when he said it coz yo boy he dont repeat
they say he cold when he’s on his killa ish like zero degrees
all of my multiple personalities on her T O P 3
am i a sociopath or a psychopath
what i do know is I like to rap
ima sasquatch u a fly in a trap
lay my vocals on a seismograph
all u ever do is buzz in my ears
insignificant like ur effing careers
stick a thumb up, up in ur rear
n shut the eff up as i buff up this year
errybody want a piece of me
I cant really get to live peacefully
so ima let my evil side take over
cant get rid of me easily
hah! yall want me to murder a rapper
go in his studio burn up the lab, bruh
end of his chapter, effing disaster
VTEN aint the only one that they after
eff the popo i got a logo of illuminati
on my polo tshirt i done researched on errybody
in this rap game n if u wanna battle
come face to face eff a diss track
if we beef once we beef for life
i dont shake hands i dont chitchat
most of my friends are now my enemies
is it coz of my ego or your jealosy
what the eff is u really telling me
im out here making money independently
n this year ima stack more
came from the dirt i was mad poor
no nice clothes or any hoes
but now i can get what i ask for
yeah! n what do i ask for
for the stats to go up in my dashboard
for another visa in my passport
for yall to call me ur rap lord
for me to put it straight on her back door
she going low like her math score
tutor with a black dick, no black board! Killah!


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