About the song: Look At Me I Put A Face On Wow Lyrics is written by Joshua Hamilton and sung by Lil Darkie. The title of the song is Haha.

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Look At Me I Put A Face On Wow Lyrics

Darkie, why you looking so sad?
Go and take a walk or write a song up on your notepad
For what you have you should be grateful, why aren’t you more glad?
“Yo, keep on killing shit”, “I’ll see you later”, “Oh, for sure, man”

It’s been a fat ass minute, ain’t been feeling right
A hypochondriac dissatisfied, my room got no light at times
Fuck all of the people judging, you got no right
And neither do I
The sight of new eyes, a side of you cries

Man, it’s been a minute I been feeling bad but I been fighting
I’m enlightened to the fact that I have limited time
I get to spitting these rhymes
And lay a shit in your mind
They want my lips intertwined
So they can leave me behind

But I will not submit, I will survive
Go make a difference while you are still alive
To be the bigger man requires that you standing high
The bigger man, the more time he fall before he die

There will always be a clown here to fake a smile, for you
Running through the town laughing, I despise you too
Oh, did I surprise you? Cool
“Get up”, “Do I gotta?”, “Why don’t you arise, you fool?”

Look at me I put a face on, wow
Look at me I put a show on, when I go (Ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha-ha)
Laugh at the clown and his makeup
How does he feel when we wake up?

I don’t know and I don’t care
I’m unaware of how he faring
Glaring, staring at him so intently
At the fair inside the tent he

Dance for the people
Dance like you mean it
Motherfucker, everybody be too pussy to move
But grip they dick in they room
How the fuck did we ever put a stick in our moon?

It’s funny I’m a cartoon
But keep it realer than a bitch
Or her nigga that wanna feature
Lemme teach ya how I deal with these reachers that tryna leech us

Keep the fuck to myself
And my spiders we throw a circus
For the good of my health
I make entertaining the purpose of it

Sing along, have a ball
When the clown slip and fall
When the jester get mad
Put a gun in his hand

Rest in peace to Robin Williams
Here to act for God and villains
Brightest person, darkest feelings
Interfere with Satan’s dealings, yo, yo

Lyrics by: Joshua Hamilton

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