No War Song Lyrics

About the song: No War Song Lyrics is written and sung by Elis Lovric. The title of the song is No War.

No War Song Lyrics

I got eyes on you
I see blood
Falling tears heavy
From the sky

I see kids, yeah yeah
Running miles
They’ve got, it seems
Thousand lives

Oh, please, no
No more War

Vojska gre zdolun
mola spi
nono vrišće
noni ni
soma, soma si

Prez postolah
prez nogah
store škornji
va rukah
ma stroha, stroha ni

Zoš goriš
neson ti zela niš
zoš kantoš
da zobin
zobin stroh

I see you, F^^ker
And your hands
Torturing our
Ain’t no sense


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