Ruby Such A Misfit Lyrics

About the song: Ruby Such A Misfit Lyrics is written and sung by $uicideboy$. The title of the song is For The Last Time.

Ruby Such A Misfit Lyrics

[Lil Choppa:]
Stay in the cut on the northside
Trigger fingers on my fu^king.45
Demons rising out the crypt
I snort me a fat line
Never gave a fu^k
Grew up out the mud
Pull up, then I pop the trunk
Grew up with the fu^k ing robbers
Always kept the mask on
Mother fu^k ers gonna die if we take the mask off
Suicide when I ride bi^ch
$carecrow the walking shadow
Mozart with no piano
Kill when I’m sleepy hollow
That mystic mother fu^k er that’s addicted to prescriptions
Xanax for the panic
Mental problems you can add in
Multi million owned business
You just signed a deal, bruh?
3 years passed
Still broke?
And you ain’t paid up
Dollars I ain’t touched yet
Burn it for the fu^k of it
Infamous lunatic
You just suck di^k
Cut throat with the deathwish
Raised where the savage lives
Straight out the death pit
To keep alive the triple six

[Yung Mutt:]
Ruby such a Misfit
Hollywood Babylon can’t resist it
fu^k a cop bi&ch
I’m ducking all these piglets
7th ward be my mother fu^k ing district
Yeah I still got my mother fu^k ing wrist slit
Bleeding like a pissed bi^ch
Scheming I’ma hit licks after licking hits of acid in her fu^k ing split lips
Wig split just a fu^k ing tidbit
Di^k itch from ingesting pill bits
Blue bill sick of snorting powder
I’ma ditch this hunnid for 5 twentys
TSA keep testing my money
Now ima dip quick
Find me a thick bi%^ch
Tit gripped
Tip gripped
Di^k spit in her thick hips
fu^k with me bi$h I’m a- fu^k ing-ddicted
And I don’t really give a fu^k what it is
Told you already that Ruby can’t resist it
Big clip to my head watch that shit drip


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