About the song: That Boy Sus Lyrics is written by Terrell Cox and sung by Cochise. The title of the song is Hatchback.

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That Boy Sus Lyrics

Turn that bitch up (turn that bitch up), uh
Yo’ Cochise, A weh dem a seh?
I been, uh, I been
I been, uh, uh
Uh, uh, uh (Javvi)

Kuwabara (uh)
Bitch, I’m tough
Who he with? Who he with?
Not with us, us, us
That boy, uh, that boy, uh, that boy sus
Get the pump, that’s a must, I don’t trust

Oh cool, okay, oh cool (uh)
In Tokyo (uh), I’m with my ghouls (uh, uh)
My shooters up (uh), no Liverpool (uh)
In Tokyo (uh), I’m with my ghouls (uh, uh, uh, uh, uh), okay

Uh, I’ma go run up a check (a check)
Like Akatsuki, I’m deep in my set (my set)
Just like mizu, I’m leaving her wet (her wet)
That boy broke, why he talking ’bout bet? (Get)
I’m getting hella upset (that’s it)
If you come, better come up, correct (correct)
619, put my foot on they neck (they neck)

Uh, relay
Run it up, replay
She come over my way
Third eye with it, Hiei

Niggas, they mad ’cause I’m stunnin’ (stunt)
Tell that nigga to stop all that frontin’ (all that front)
All on IG, she suck in her stomach
Get the bread and it come in abundant
I want 20s, I don’t want no hunnids (hunnids)
Spent a check and another one comin’ (comin’)
That boy mad ’cause he getting him nothin’ (him nothin’)
Had to wake up and grind up for somethin’ (for somethin’)
Heard you a ho’, but I saw yo’ ass runnin’ (runnin’)
How you leaving if you know I’m comin’? (yeah)
You heard the scream, you started duckin’ (uh)
Pull up to the scene and niggas was buggin’ (uh)
I had to-, uh

Yeah, my pockets is big like my gap (yeah)
My niggas, they real and they strap (uh)
My shorty, she slim and she fat (uh)
I could pull up, just stay where you at (uh)
Better hope I don’t catch where you lack (uh)
I might put the whole team on my back (uh)
Everywhere that I go, I had to snap (uh)
Had to sip on that gin, had a match (uh)
Had to pull on that thing like a hatch (uh, uh, uh)

I had to get to the racks (uh, uh)
I had to get me a stack (uh)
Don’t got the time to relax (uh)
Me and the bread is attached (uh)
Third eye it fit with a patch (uh)
I had to fight with the black (uh, damn)
Had to wake up and chase to the sack (uh)
I’m chasing the sack (okay)
Niggas, they mad ’cause I’m black (okay)

I give ’em shit they be hating (okay)
All my niggas, we comin’ through nice (okay)
All my niggas we-, nice (okay, yeah)
Ruby, they built like a max (okay)
I had a-, fuck up the packs (okay)
Yeah, I’m sipping that packs (okay)
Heard these niggas, they actin’ like-, uh, yeah (yeah)
And these niggas, they lack, yeah (yeah)
And they lookin’ relaxed, yeah
Yeah, and these niggas they laughin’, they like Jack Black (yeah)
Yeah, Jack Black (yeah)

Lyrics by: Terrell Cox

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