Thick Lightskin From La Lyrics Song

About the song: Thick Lightskin From La Lyrics Song is written and sung by Lew Mr. Blue. The title of the song is #SweetLadyChallenge.

Thick Lightskin From La Lyrics Song

[intro: lew mr. blue]
yeah, yeah
like ’03

you know i like ’em dark skin like shay-shay (like shay-shay)
but light skin be my favorite (my favorite)
want to hear my confessions?
say “yeah”
baby, i’ma let you know what’s up (yeah, what it do?)
i just really want to fu^k (yeah, i do)
give it up, baby, can’t get enough (give it up)
feel the rush when i’m busting a nut (nut)
me and your bit^h between the sheets, i can bang that (i can bang that)
have her running from the dick, she can’t take that (can’t take it)
lamp cover ’round her waist, take the skirt off (take it off)
on my mom, i just bapped, had to skrrt off (skrrt off)

temp rising (rise), she climbing (climb)
so wet and so tight whеn i slide in (slide)
she whimpеr, she whining (ahh-ahh)
hands around her throat, i get violent (ah-ah)
not abusive (no), not controlling (nah)
it’s hot outside, but it’s snowing (ah-ah)
white girl, can i rock your world? (your world)

chocolate and vanilla swirl (uh)
thick light skin from l.a. (l.a.)
and she got a lil’ belly (bel— belly)
one day i’ma marry damonni (uh-huh)
fu^k a gym, i love your body (ah, ah, ah)
my body wants your body (i do)
kehlani, she tsunami (so wet)
i pull up in that mase’ (skrrt-skrrt)
all white, i’m feeling godly (uh-huh)
and i know i ain’t right (know i ain’t right)
all these women in my life

(all these women in my life)
i ain’t gotta think twice (twice)
now i’m upping the price (price)
why (why) you (you)
have so much to say ’bout my life? (my life)
love yours (love yours), i love mine (mine)
and i did this song for the hype
they ain’t coming like me (like me)
can’t fu^k her like me (like me)
make a movie, spike lee (spike lee)
look yoked in a thin white tee (uh-uh-uh-uh)
light brown skin like beyoncé (beyoncé)
mexican like monsé (monsé)
want to hear my confessions?
say “yeah”

grew up, grew up, grew up
am i a screw up, screw up, screw up? (am i?)
you finna do what, do what, do what? (do what?)
nigga, i’ma pull up, pull up, pull up (pull up)
chris brown how i take her down (take her down)
love sounds, baby, we go rounds
look in her eye (eye), snatch her soul (soul)
use to want you so bad, now i don’t (uh-uh-uh-uh)
did her wrong ’cause how she lie (lie-lie)

niggas ain’t shit (shit), bit^hes ain’t right (right, right)
think i’m the shit (shit), bit^hes be fly (fly, fly)
so dope it’s a natural high (uh)
ain’t girl my girlfriend (no), i ain’t your boyfriend (no)
no cuffing, we just enjoying (uh-uh)
not cocky, i am flamboyant (uh-uh)
come cruise, take you on a voyage (uh-uh-uh-uh)
don’t be scared of the dark (of the dark)

be my light, you a star (you a star)
why you acting so hard? (ooh, why?)
baby, let down your guard (let it down)
i’ll secure you (you), keep me near you (you)
soul crying for help, i can hear you (i can hear you)
independent (uh), don’t fear you (you)
ooh, i love it, got career, too (uh-uh-uh-uh)

shout to all my lovely tenderonies (ha, ayy)
i just wanna say, sweet lady (huh?)
would you be mine? (uh-uh-uh-uh, uh, uh)
sweet lady (uh-uh-uh-uh, uh, uh)
be my lady (uh-uh-uh-uh, uh, uh)
oh, please (uh-uh-uh-uh, uh, uh)


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